Zach Zip

Zach Zip

Few now can tell you about Zach Zip,
left school, first became a sailor on a ship,
found thunder storms at sea quite scary,
but he never lost his grip.
Bought a banjo in America,
came back to Bristol
with a few tunes he wrote on his trip.
Went to London, to make his fortune,
made one record, but the sales were poor,
and that’s why you never heard
of Zach Zip before.

O, I sailed the cold North Atlantic,
saw the site where Titanic sank,
help me make a fortune with this tune
to put your money in my bank.

That was the chorus from his only record,
North Atlantic Blues,
earned him enough to buy a new suit
and an extra pair of shoes.
Music history celebrates the popular,
does not mention those who failed.
Zach Zip thought he should have stayed a sailor,
but his ship has long since sailed.


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