Time and the Weather

Time and the Weather

The hours escape, flee from the net.
Clock watcher, be not upset.
You cannot trap time.
Its passing, do not regret.
Be glad to be here.
One moment cannot be
bought back with a bet
nor can air be caught in a sieve.
Good times when time you forget
will come to you yet.

“Look at it now.
You wouldn’t believe it was raining before.
And last night, thunder and hail.”
“Hail, was it? I thought it was snow.”
“Oh, no, it was hail.
April, that’s what it is.
You never know what it will do.”
The English and the weather,
so unpredictable, always a surprise.
However old they are, the way it changes,
they never get used to.

A house with no clocks,
no mark on the calendar,
crumbles, punished by time
it failed to withstand.


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