Aeroplanes, I never thought I’d fly in one.
Climbed on board and I was gone.

For the first time in my life,
I was lifted off the ground.
Outside, only muffled engine sound.

Nothing but air beneath the floor,
I was taken far higher than the paths
of the eagle and the condor.

Only the pilot and the crew knew
how it was done, how that winged contraption
flew me to you.

I looked at a stretch of clouds below,
my eyes followed the trail of a white vapour rod.
The serenity I was aware of, I could not describe,
sensed I was inside the mind of God.

Midnight long past, we landed in black air.
Lines of lights let me see the runway,
the windows of the airport halls.
At the arrivals gate, I was so relieved to meet you there.

Aeroplanes, we never thought we’d fly in one.
Up the steps and we are gone.


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