Remember My Rocking Horse

Remember My Rocking Horse

Clean the centre stone,
turn the water wheel,
go down to the bone,
till you see what’s real.

Remember my rocking horse,
white with black patches,
dark moss green saddle.
One November night,
I watched it burn on a bonfire.
Could not save it from the flames,
my face pale and grey with smoke.
Rip raps banged, Catherine wheels spun,
a sparkler crackled and sprayed silver in my hand.
Something was over, I knew.
Later, I came to understand.

One nursery rhyme,
one brief lullaby,
to sleep through night time,
rest your mind and eye.

Remember my rocking horse,
only I know how my story goes.
I galloped over green fields,
far from the lines of my foes.


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