Glass Blower Blew Through

Glass blower blew through a transparent tube
to inflate a glassy dome,
and set it on a grey metal raft
to be his floating home.
On a canal of melted silver,
he steered it through a cubic maze,
coloured white, yellow, brown and blue,
his telescope raised to his eye,
the further more he saw,
the more horizons grew.
Gate by gate he found
through which his craft could pass,
until he got quite lost himself
amid the jumbled mass.

Captain Pelican stood tall on stilt like legs,
and filled his bill with fish.
His wish was to find a pearl,
and admire it in a dish.
When glass blower shunted by,
he eyed him with his eye,
and said: “Beware Molten Mountain,
worse than dark clouds
created by the sky.”
Glass blower gave his head a nod,
and mulled over his advice,
but as a lone adventurer,
he knew there was a price.
Towards black jet metropolis,
he paddled on and oared.
Like a beaver busy with his dam,
rubbed his tooth and smiled
as one who is never bored.
When he came to Molten Mountain,
he thought that he might melt,
but only his trouser button
was bursted by his belt.
He moored on an island,
more green than any herb,
and there we leave him in a peace
only a weasel would disturb.


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