The Music of the Spheres

The Music of the Spheres

The music of the spheres
Pythagoras coined,
those words he joined,
found a harmony in the planets,
space and random stones,
he looked up at the heavens,
and listened for the tones.

The music of the spheres,
it sounds so high and fine.
It is really mathematics,
you could not further stretch the line.

Away from the lamp lit world,
look up at the stars,
listen for the music of the spheres,
but when you think of it,
it is not composed of sounds,
but of sublime silence
that is ancient, changeless,
cannot be disturbed,
but maybe if the roof of the dome was removed,
you could hear the unimaginable,
the untranscribable,
and though after you may feel drained inside,
you will know that at least you tried.

Final thought.
Pythagoras was an ancient Greek.
One wonders, in his time, if there was ever a young Greek.


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