David and Goliath

David and Goliath

An old story I summon,
a tale long been told.
Its lesson is lasting,
has more worth than cold chambers
the kings filled with gold.

David was a shepherd boy
in the hills alone,
slew a bear and a lion
with a sling and stone.

He plucked a lyre’s strings,
wrote psalms in God’s praise,
sang them to his sheep.
He looked up to the mountains,
watched the waters leap.

To the vale of Elah,
his father told him to go,
take bread and cheese to his brothers,
who fought in the Israelite army of King Saul
against the Philistines.
There he saw a giant man,
named Goliath of Gath,
his spear, shield and armour
brighter than any bronze that shines.

Stood between the two armies,
Goliath challenged the champion of Israel
to single combat in the vale.
If he should be slain, he said,
his army would serve King Saul,
but if he was victor,
they must serve his kind.
No one volunteered to fight him,
instead fear made them hard eyed and pale.

Angered by the boastful giant,
David took four stones from a stream,
ran out on the battlefield,
all was clear and sharp,
but it seemed like a dream.

“Is this the best you can do,
King of Israel, send a boy to fight me?”
bawled Goliath when he saw David
challenge him alone.
But David was not daunted, took aim,
slew him with sling and stone.
So King Saul and his army
were the victors in the end.
David did not know,
but he had made his first steps to the throne.

Leaders of this dark time,
safe behind your secrets and your codes,
one of you send out your Goliath,
like the Philistines did of old,
to challenge the nations,
defend your cold chambers filled with gold.
Let him boast of his might.
He will be left to mock the world alone.
No David will come to slay him
with his sling and stone.


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