Ways To Deal With Winter

Ways To Deal With Winter

Hedgehogs are sensible about winter, they hibernate.
In spring they roll on the grass and mate.
In summer they run from garden to garden,
sniff soil for fat grubs to eat.
In summer they feel the earth harden,
and each crinkly, rotten leaf
tells them that the long sleep through winter is near,
the year complete.

Dinosaurs do not have to deal with winter.
Being extinct, lost in the mist,
for them it does not exist.

Penguins cope well with winter.
They live in a polar place of unbroken ice.
Below zero snow to them is nice.

Camels sniff at the thought of winter.
Being desert dwellers, it does not take them
down in the dumps.
It matters not to them one or two humps.

Humans endure winter as best they can.
They eat hot soup and porridge,
regret they have no need for a cooling fan.

Ostriches do not understand winter,
wonder why any season would make itself
so drear and cold.
They prefer summer, bright and bold.

Robins are popular in winter,
sat on bare, snowy twigs
on Christmas cards and cakes.
What the festive season gives to them
is far more than it takes.

Ghosts feel at home in winter.
They are mournful all year round.
Whales could not care a fin about winter
whithersoever they’re bound.





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