In Case Someone Comes

In Case Someone Comes

I was a quiet schoolboy,
I could not do my sums.
I knew the china tea set
was in case someone comes.

That’s what my mother told me,
she said it can’t be used.
It’s in case someone comes,
I lost my tongue, confused.

I wondered who they were,
I wondered who they could be.
They were not aunties and uncles,
but some very special people
I had yet to see.

Like a tune an old pirate hums,
those words began to haunt me,
in case someone comes.

I wondered who they were,
who these people could be,
then it finally dawned,
these people I would never see.

Maybe it was something
my mother heard her mother say
that her mother said before,
in case someone comes,
in case someone comes to the door.

They lived in my mother’s mind,
and now they dwell in mine.
I saw them in a vision,
vivid enough to shine.

It woke wonder to expect them,
to think that they might come.
Felt happy as a sailor,
his belly warm with rum.

Oh, no, we cannot use them,
they’re in case someone comes,
that’s what my mother told me,
haunts me like a tune a stranger hums.

Seems to me it is a key
to some kind of magic past
that never really was
but will always last.

I am a quiet old man,
still cannot do my sums.
I keep the china tea set
just in case someone comes.


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