Harbour Master

Harbour Master

Harbour master, keep awake,
do not sleep through the storm.
Reports of wrecks on the rocks
should never be.
Send out light ships
to guide all sailors home.
Lighthouse keepers,
cleanse your lamps clear.
Dark waves rise,
souls fear to drown at sea.
Remember the mariner
who slew the albatross.
After the deed, an icy ache
he felt inside his hollow trunk,
his punishment for the loss.

Winter night on the shore,
no light from moon or star.
Harbour master, study your charts,
to tell all sailors what to do,
reveal to them where they are.

Some are so far out at sea,
though they may dream
of a harbour below a cliff,
they let it go by,
as a hope of anchor,
naught but a mariner myth.


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