For Billions Of Years

For Billions Of Years

They will begin to disappear,
one by one, here and there,
year by year,
they will begin to disappear,
people related to you,
friends that you knew,
till the many become few.
It is natural, it is the way.
Tropical fish may swim in your glass tank,
but you know nothing will stay.

For billions of years,
before I was born,
I was not here.
For billions of years,
when I am gone,
I will not be here.
You know that is true.
The same goes for you.

When I was younger,
such thoughts brightened my brain,
wakened my wonder.
Now all I can do is grow older,
but my burden is less on my shoulder.

Your middle eye is closed, forgotten,
but not all you see is burnt or broken.
The stranger you see in the street
may be free of sleep but has never woken.

Though you will never take it all in,
be brave, leave the cave,
away from the camp fire,
go off to explore
the forest, the desert, the city,
the mountain, the sea shore.
The dinosaurs were here,
and they were for a long time,
till one by one, here and there,
year by year, they began to disappear.
Some survive as skeletons in museums,
face it all with no fear.




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