poem by Philip Dodd for the Best Six Poets Project
painting by Fati Tomaera-Gabellini

Why wear a band to hold back your hair?
Why is it green, not red, black or blue?
Why do you stand at the half open door?
Does the room you look in belong to you?
Is that pain peeled back in your eyes?
At whom do you stare?
The one you intrude upon,
are you afraid in his glance
you will see nothing there?
Time to douse the candle flame,
the ink pot has run dry.
The scribe almost ends the tale,
at least he had a try.
Who was it who sat in the chair,
painted the painting on the screen?
The mind demands answers,
wonders what it all could mean.
It is the colour of leaf and grass,
seems to be a good sign,
the band you wear to hold back your hair,
to keep your steps in line.


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