Falcon Moon

Falcon Moon

Falcon moon.
That’s what happens sometimes
when you are moved to find words to fit a tune,
you come up with something like falcon moon,
then you study it like syrup balanced in a spoon
till falcon moon leads to raven sun, eagle earth,
and you ponder what each word might be worth.
A swan glides through reeds,
sparrows peck at sunflower seeds.
A pebble drops in a lake,
rings circle out,
as you strain to be satisfied with what you try to make.

Only the lion paces with no fear over the grass.
It does not matter who you see when you look in a glass,
all of it will pass.

Obsession with the body seems worst in the west.
When the spirit is forgotten you cannot be your best.

Time with the one you love is a summer long song,
every note clear, every chord strong,
means you can get right what you used to get wrong.
Yes, time with the one you love is a summer long song.

Falcon moon, raven sun, eagle earth.
Wonder what each word is worth.


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