One Of Many Names

One Of Many Names

I fell with my horse at the Battle of Beersheba
but I fought on the winning side.
The last thing I saw was a silver flash in the sky
after I heard the shout to ride.

Almost broke my back building the Great Wall of China,
did not live to see it complete.
Remember me as a slave in an Inca temple,
iron chains round my wrists and feet.

I am just one among the names
never mentioned, left forgotten.
I know what is true, what is rotten.
I was there when it happened,
I saw the sight.
I witnessed the flood and the darkness
that seemed the end of light.
One thing I know,
those who rebelled never got it right.
Take comfort.
Only clouds hide the sun by day,
the moon and stars at night.
Mine is just one of many names
not worthy of fame,
but we like to think we were a help to those
who climbed the steps to light the flame.

The film flickers, there I am, captured on camera,
unknown early aviator.
See my flight fail, my plane crash wing first in the bare field.
There is no sound, no narrator.


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