Wrecks In The Deep

Wrecks In The Deep

You try to climb the mountain,
the way up grows too steep.
Decide to dwell in dreams,
find your bed too hard for sleep.
The boat you built to sail in
becomes a wreck in the deep.

Train to be an astronaut,
you will not aim for less.
Prepare for life in space,
consider it a success
when you handle your helmet,
and master weightlessness.

Remember when you were younger,
you voyaged out with no map or compass,
no true course to keep,
almost drowned to be one of many
wrecks in the deep.

Odd as it may seem,
though you’ve been here a long time,
life still seems to you
stranger than a dream.

Why didn’t they look after themselves?
Why did they leave widows and orphans
on the shore to weep?
Too many left the stage too early,
floundered to end as wrecks in the deep.


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