Rooting Through Rubbish

Rooting Through Rubbish

Nature’s not natural.
Whatever happens is purely accidental.
That’s one way of looking at things.
Rooting through rubbish,
find no gold coins, no diamond rings.

But what do you expect?
Nothing of value people reject.
Rooting through rubbish
does not make sense.
Some people do it.
Never give up hope.
When you are drowning,
you still reach for rope.
Rooting through rubbish.
Not find a thing.
No gold coin, no diamond ring.

If nature is natural,
it can be cruel, harsh.
Worse with global warming.
What is now a dry, cracked plain
was once a wet marsh.

Rooting through rubbish,
routine for an old man,
his hand grips the crust of a sandwich,
gropes further down,
finds a stamped flat beer can.
Rooting through rubbish.
Who counts the cost?
Only gulls cry over the lost.