The Lost Way

The Lost Way

The way is lost.
If you go your quest will fail.
Heed what they say
in song and tale.

Ride a horse over the moors
in sun and rain.
You will not find the castle on the peak
above the plain.

Hidden harbour
shelters your boat
but there are no signs
on the hills of sheep and goat.

Ride out like Jack Rowland on your horse,
ride and ride till you are weak and pale.
Be content to glimpse what you seek
when your spirit is held by song and tale.

The ocean on the other side of the hill,
you can hear it if you are still.
The enchanter always was remote,
his words a spell no human wrote.

The tower on the tor
holds wood and water power,
but it is forgot
what reed will bind which flower.

Wind blows through fields of heather and whin.
The track is hid to find Tam Lin.

The way is lost.
You cannot go there.
O but it was wild
and it was fair.


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