Cosmic Chameleon

Cosmic Chameleon

When Narcissus knelt
and fell in love with his reflection
was it his face he saw in the water
or one mirror of the fluid mask
of the cosmic chameleon?

The juggler who spun orbs in the air
with his hands at the summer fair
who said they were planets he knew of
that he turned in a wheel,
was he only a travelling entertainer
or was he him in one of his disguises,
the cosmic chameleon?

And when he is alone
and he looks in the mirror,
who does he see?
Maybe a myriad faces
of the beings he could be,
the cosmic chameleon.

That man in the aisle on the train,
why did he look stranger than any other?
Why did you watch him disappear on the escalator?
Was he only odd or was it him, playing a part,
the cosmic chameleon?

And that businessman in the newspaper,
talking about how he made his first million,
why did he disturb you, had you seen his face before?
Are you sure he was not the masked meddler himself,
the cosmic chameleon?

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