Far In The Future

Far In The Future

We want to get out there.
We are here to go.
We want to be free of gravity,
so we can ascend, endlessly, float and soar.
Space is our infinite distraction,
helps us to concentrate on peace,
not division and war.
Our hopes are high but not impossible.
The Great Pyramid stands,
proof on the sands of what can be done.
We landed on the moon.
The next step to the stars is Mars,
and there will always be beyond.
Astronauts train in the gymnasium.
Sprays of sapphire light cleanse our vision.
We took off from here.
We will land there.
Below, no juts of rock, the terrain is fairly flat.
We can feel the feet of our craft stable on solid ground.
Where we are is far in the future.
We have yet to name this planet.
Is there anyone out there? Are we alone?
Questions asked from long ago.
Far in the future, the questions are answered.
Now we know.
Always there is to be found,
amid the dust, a glint of pearls.
Always there will be more gates, further stars.

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