Surrealistic Cartoon

Surrealistic Cartoon

A whale goes scooting by
on a pair of roller skates.
A juggler in the sky
juggles clouds as if they were
a pile of plates.
On the edge of a crater,
an angler sits glumly with his rod,
thinks there’s no use fishing on the moon.
Could be mirrors from a dream,
a surrealistic cartoon.

A castle without a drawbridge,
a tower or a moat,
surrounded by pelicans
who demand another vote.
Camels chewing cabbage,
donkeys mumbling through a screen.
The art of conversation
they purposely demean.

I see this is going nowhere
and yet I scribble on.
I never found a subject,
the inspiration gone.
Is this a poor connection
or just a crackle in your voice?
I would choose another station,
if there is a choice.

Attend to the angel on one shoulder,
not to the devil on the other.
That is old but good advice,
when you’re frightened by a fire,
and the smoke you fail to smother.
That prolific person, Anonymous,
has written so much rhyme,
most of it forgotten,
partitioned off by time.
The referee blows his whistle,
the linesman brings down his flag,
to bring the end of nonsense,
with not one log left to drag.

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