Angel War by Philip Dodd




Angel War by Philip Dodd was published as a paperback by Fast Print Publishing in April, 2013 and as an E-book in March, 2014. It was chosen as one of the twelve finalists for The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards for 2013 in the adult (fiction) category, I am very pleased to say. The Gold, Silver and Bronze medallists were announced at Author con. in Manchester, England in May, 2014. For Angel War, I was given a Wishing Shelf 2013 Finalist certificate, and a Wishing Shelf 2013 Finalist logo for its front cover and a sticker for its back cover. I will be getting feedback from the group of judges in London and the other one in Stockholm on my book and reviews of it by them on Goodreads and Amazon before the end of July, 2014. Reviews of Angel War can be found on Amazon: and on Goodreads:
Angel War could be described as a work of fantasy fiction, rooted in The Bible. It was inspired by Chapter Six of the Book of Revelation, which speaks of the war in heaven, fought between Michael and his angels and the dragon and his angels. The Bible only says that the war happened, but not why, so I decided to write my own version of the events of the war and its aftermath. My book is essentially the biography of Azel, the Prince of the White Castle of the Angels of Light, the one who begins the war in heaven and who later, in his exile from the angel lands, sat on his Citadel throne, becomes known on Earth as Lucifer, the Devil, Satan. The final chapters of the book deal with the tale of how he used Earth as a battlefield in his war against the Father and his holy ones, from the time of the garden of Eden to the tension between East and West, caused by the Cold War, in the 1980’s. My book is 536 pages long and it took me twenty six years to write. I began what became Angel War in the summer of 1986, when I was thirty four years old, and I did not complete its final version until September, 2012, when I was sixty. Those who have read and reviewed my book on Amazon and Goodreads have enjoyed it, which pleases me no end, and makes me think that the time I spent writing it was more than worthwhile.

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