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Nothing Is Invisible

Nothing Is Invisible

Nothing is invisible
to the eye clear and cleansed to see.
Any abstract notion
can be constructed in the air
and observed to be.
This city in my mind
is not the kind
you can get to on a train,
but I can see it if I try,
and everyone who lives there
is happy as any bird
nest building in a tree.

And when you go
as a pilgrim to its pyramid temple,
inside becomes the paradise
you want it to be,
and you can kneel
to what you want to see.
And when you open the door of your house,
the person you thought
lost and chained in your past
smiles towards you free.

Everything is incredible,
when the eye is clear and cleansed to see.
Nothing is invisible,
when on the network of canals,
you can navigate your barge,
and to each gate you have the key.