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Iceberg, twice as big as Luxembourg,
has broken free from Antarctica,
it says on the news.
Impressed my mind, lifted me,
the birth of an icy island,
now adrift on the Weddell Sea.

Iceberg cleaving slow through cold ocean
will disturb the fish, the whales and seals.
Hard to believe it is real.
Stupendous sight,
to its own majesty nature kneels.

It belongs to you and to me
as much as to the arctic hare
and the polar bear.
Land is still yours and mine,
even if we are not there.

Uninhabitable, only for scientists to study.
Some of them say it is not linked to climate change,
such events happen all the time.
That may be so, but it still looks strange.

Iceberg, twice as big as Luxembourg,
has broken free of Antarctica.


Penguins of Antarctica

Penguins of Antarctica

When you wake up weary,
your skin thin, pinched by winter cold,
ice hangs from your drain pipes,
your grid blocked by snow, thick and bold,
and faces in the street
all seem to suffer something strange,
remember you’ve got it better
than the penguins of Antarctica
who have to deal with climate change.

Scientists have the evidence
politicians cannot ignore,
climate change is real,
it makes the ice bergs thaw,
but the penguins of Antarctica
are stubborn to survive,
flap your wings and follow them,
learn that life is to live and be alive.

Penguins of Antarctica,
I’m proud to share the earth with you.
Whatever blizzard blasts your way,
you will see it through.
You survived the first ice ages,
and those Pixar movies, too.
Now you can plunge into your dreams,
and make them all come true.

Like a meeting of head waiters,
you stand on your icy slab,
look up at the South Pole sky
to see the seahorse and the crab.
Allow scientists to study you,
though they look alien and strange,
and you would not understand what they mean
when they speak of climate change.

Penguins are popular,
humans think of them and smile.
Of their habits and swimming skills,
all can be found on file.
Know that their breeding grounds,
they have had to re-arrange,
but they adapt to deal with it
what we call climate change.

You may live in a city hovel
or in a stately country grange,
you should not grumble,
though you cannot focus,
all seems hazy, out of range,
tell others you can cope with anything,
for you have not forgot to compare your lot
with the penguins of Antarctica
who have to deal with climate change.