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My poem, Light Ships, published in Along the Shore

My poem, Light Ships, has been included in Along the Shore, an anthology of Poems of the Sea, published by Lost Tower Publications, I am pleased to say. An anthology of poems on one theme is a good idea, I think. The book of poems inspired by the sea is illustrated with seven prints of original oil paintings by the Bulgarian artist Boyan Dimitrov.
My poem, The Redundancy of Gods, was published in Greek Fire, an anthology of poems inspired by Greek mythology, and my poem, Dandelion Time, was published in The Poetry of Flowers, an anthology of poems inspired by flowers, both of which were published by Light Tower Publications.




My poem, Blodeuwedd, published in The Dawntreader

My poem, Blodeuwedd, published in The Dawntreader

My poem, Blodeuwedd, has been published in the Spring 2015 ( 030 ) Issue of The Dawntreader, a quarterly poetry magazine, published by Indigo Dreams Publishing. Blodeuwedd was inspired by the tale of Math Son of Mathonwy in The Mabinogion, a collection of 13th Century Welsh mythological stories. My poem, Searching For The Sangreal, was published in the Summer 2013 ( 023 ) Issue of The Dawntreader, my poem, The Fair Majesty of Folk At Peace, was published in the Spring 2014 ( 026 ) Issue, and my two poems, Sigurd and Windmill and Rainbow, in the Winter 2014/2015 ( 029 ) Issue.

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Welsh wizards, Math and Gwydyon,
conspired together, met in a wood,
to form a woman out of flowers,
petals of oak, broom, meadowsweet,
so she woke, more fair than spring
song of birds when leaves
drip and shine with showers.

Later, Gwydyon regretted the act,
for as the wife of Lleu,
she did deeds not fair but foul,
renamed her Blodeuwedd,
and changed her into an owl.

Now she hoots all through
the black dark night,
among the trees and ruined towers,
and longs to be a woman fair again,
made of woodland flowers.

My poem, Song For Luthien Tinuviel, published in Mallorn, the Journal of the Tolkien Society.

My poem, Song For Luthien Tinuviel, was published in Mallorn, the Journal of the Tolkien Society, Issue 55, Winter 2014, I am very pleased to say.  I originally wrote it in 1987, as a folk ballad, one of the few I have written that has a decent tune, but I think it works well enough on the page as a poem. It was inspired by the tale of Beren and Luthien in The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien. My copy of the journal came through my letter box today, Thursday, 8th, January, 2015. I was moved to see my poem on page two, illustrated by a painting called The Choice of Luthien by Jenny Dolfen and a photograph called Snowthorn by Helen Armstrong, the editor of the very finely produced, interesting journal, which is published once a year. I have posted my poem here before, but here it is again, to celebrate its publication in Mallorn.


Song For Luthien Tinuviel


Feanor he made the Silmarils,
revealed his power and his skills,
precious jewels of the Elven kind,
majesty moulded from his mind.

Elf maid, Luthien Tinuviel
danced, held aloft a Silmaril.
I saw her laughing through the trees,
her white dress blowing in the breeze.

Entranced, I was lying on the grass,
saw Elven folk through a shining glass.
I saw Elves the lays of old had sung,
tall Elves from when the world was young.

Feanor, his blue stone tower tall,
faraway, saw behind a wall,
felt I was poor in my heart and soul,
I was a fish, left by the shoal.

Felt I was young, knowing I was old,
I was a sheep, strayed far from fold.
On my quest over wild moor and fen,
I was lost and  was lost again.

Unlooked for beauty came to my eye,
elf maid dancing beneath the sky,
fair elf the lays of old had sung,
fair elf from when the world was young.

Luthien Tinuviel held aloft a Silmaril.