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I woke in bed,
head on my pillow.
The silence of dawn
made me feel I lay on a ledge,
high on a mountain,
the nest of eagles, far below,
but then where I was,
the hum of traffic let me know.

Some days I feel like Superman,
others like a flea.
If I hit the pit,
here is my remedy,
a honey sandwich
and a mug of coffee for me.

Some have an ego
greater than their brain,
demand attention
with no true trace of talent
or light in their lamp.
The world is there to lose or gain.
from birth we reach out,
hope to live unpunished by pain.

The books I have read,
the songs that I knew,
paintings that I loved,
quickened my spirit, lit my mind.
They helped me to cope,
revealed the door and let me through,
and now here I am,
taster of my own one off brew.