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Second Album Blues

Second Album Blues

First album took him by surprise
when it became a hit,
even the critics liked it
for its fresh feel and wit.

Now he knew the second album
had to be as good,
if not better than the first,
otherwise you were a one hit wonder,
left in the desert with no oasis
to quench your thirst.

In cellar clubs and coffee bars
they all knew him as Clyde.
Said he always had his tunes
on his solitary ride.

Still talks like a Beatnik
though they were before his time.
He had to hit the road
in the hope to write a rhyme,
and though he’s not American,
he says he’s down to his last dime.

He often wears dark glasses,
calls musicians cats.
Says things like, the air in here is eerie,
like a belfry with no bats.

He told his producer,
keep the shirt but loose the shoes,
laughing in the luxury
of second album blues.

Time for the horns,
a fancy fret work solo on guitar,
then to be a walking cliché,
and head out to the bar.

He felt detached from history,
it’s what happened on the news.
He was happy to be that cat in the corner,
dealing with his second album blues.

Once he dragged his dusty boots
along a dusty road,
now he was on an ocean cruise,
leaning back in his creaky chair,
strumming out on his guitar
his second album blues.



You Got Them Singing, Leonard

You Got Them Singing, Leonard

( A tribute to Leonard Cohen, written to the tune of You Got Me Singing, the last song on his album, Popular Problems, released in 2014. )

You got them singing, Leonard,
from the bottom to the brim,
you got them singing
your hallelujah hymn.

What an achievement, Leonard,
in this so called secular age,
to get them singing
praise the Lord from the page.

You got them singing, Leonard,
from Krakow to Montreal,
you got them singing,
as if they all sang in one hall.

Hear people singing, Leonard,
though the world goes more wrong,
hear people singing,
high in your tower of song.

You got them singing, Leonard,
to heal the hurt in the heart,
you got them singing,
to be one not apart.

Hear people singing, Leonard,
more than ten thousand strong,
hear people singing
your hallelujah song.

S.E.T.I. Man

S.E.T.I. Man

I work for S.E.T.I.
been doing it for about six years.
The government pay me,
I twiddle knobs while supping beers.
My wife and my children
think my job’s some kind of joke.
I say it’s got us a nice house.
It’s better than being broke.
I’m a S.E.T.I. man,
though it never was my plan.

We send out signals,
hold on hope, but get none coming back.
No benign aliens
ever respond, but we keep on track.
A friend of mine told me,
he would call to let me know,
if he had a close encounter
with a real, true U.F.O.
I’m a S.E.T.I. man,
find the face behind the fan.

The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
may sound rather odd.
My auntie Mary said: “Give me a call
if you should ever contact God.”
As for me, I hope ever to meet an E.T.
If I did, I can only hope
he’d be the kind of person
I’d invite home for tea,
because I’m a S.E.T.I. man,
happy beans jump in my can.

We built star scanners,
space radio stations tuned in key.
Planet map planners
sketch in our great Observer Tree.
I get stimulated
by the message we wait for,
from planet wheel panoramas,
star folk on the cosmic shore.
I’m a S.E.T.I. man,
can transport space in my van.

Yes, I’m a S.E.T.I. man.

Sailors of the Summer Stars

Sailors of the Summer Stars

“I travel far,” he said. “I travel far.
I am a sailor of the summer stars.
I bring you treasures in my shining jars.
I am a sailor of the summer stars.”

She said: “I saw you,
mounting from the sea.
I did not know you
had come for me.
Once, outside my window,
I saw you flying in the sky.
Your pearly vessel
signalled to my eye.”

He said: “Let’s go now,
to the landing place.
All our ships are leaving,
voyaging to space.
O, come, let us travel,
let us travel far,
and you’ll be a sailor of the summer stars.
We shall leave a message in my shining jars,
gift from the sailors of the summer stars.”