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Harper In The Hall

Harper In The Hall


Silence in court. All stand for the judge.
All present are on trial.
Let the judgement begin,
the cleansing of crime,
the balancing of sin.

At first I attended to the words.
Distracted by windows and walls,
though willingly left behind,
I heard the culprit calls.

I was a harper in the hall.
The king bid me play after the feast.
Of his servants I was not that high
nor was I among the least.

The sheep upon the mountainside,
startled by a hyena’s howl.
They never ceased to make me smile,
be the weather fair or foul.

Unless my foe stands on the plain,
points his sword at me alone,
I cannot pull back my catapult,
I cannot aim my stone.

Silence. Silence in court.
The verdict has been passed.
Alert again, I shed my dream.
Allowed to go outside,
I joined the others in the empty dark,
pleased to see the jewel lamps gleam.